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    10 January 2019

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    17 March 2018

    The Funeral of Pte E Eaton

Alfred and Arthur Mee's classic Nottinghamshire book

Alfred features in the famous Arthur Mee's Nottinghamshire book. He gets both a mention in the text and is credited with supplying photographs.

A hand written message

Arthur Mee's Nottinghamshire

Arthur Mee's Nottinghamshire given to Lottie Isabel in 1943. "Lottie Isabel Loughton from Uncle AJL 1943"

Added to site: 2008/02/27

Alfred gets a mention

p274 Arthur Mee's Nottinghamshire

Alfred gets a mention on page 274 in Arthur Mee's Nottinghamshire book. Describing a visit to Southwell Minster, "We came upon a good old man whose family has cleaned the brass on the Minster for three generations". The image shows where Alfred has underlined "a good old man" and initialled the page.
Alfred is also credited with supplying photographs for the book.

Added to site: 2008/02/27