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  • Melrose Abbey

    26 September 2023

    Melrose Abbey
  • Melrose Abbey

    26 September 2023

    Melrose Abbey
  • The Rt. Rev. Henry Mosley

    25 September 2023

    The Rt. Rev. Henry Mosley
  • Hill House

    19 January 2020

    Burgage Lane, Southwell


Please add your comments to this site. If you are a Loughton and want to contact other Loughtons who may be passing by please feel free to do so.

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26/12/2016 21:46
Norman (Richard) Pitchford was my grandfather.
30/04/2011 22:06
A lovely site, I found it while researching my family who lived in Southwell. The Castle family lived in Southwell and Frederick William Castle had a furniture shop, one of his daughters, Lucy married Richard Pitchford. There's lots of lovely pictures, very interesting.
20/02/2011 22:38
Looking for info re an Alfred or Arthur Loughton who married Gertrude Hack in the UK, sometime between 1915 and 1920. Maybe returned to Canada or the US in the mid 1920s but without his wife. Thanks
Son of John Trantum Loughton, grandson of Ronald Smeaton Loughton, great grandson of Charles Loughton (I know we are from Western Australia as far back as Charles)....I'm poking around just starting (today) to research the family. Great site, look forward to any feed back from Loughton's.
Just stumbled across this very interesting web site! We are the only family of "Loughtons" in South Africa, My grandfather was Alfred Herbert Loughton who emigrated to Canada in 1909. My father Wilfred, was born in Calgary and emigrated to South Africa in 1948. I have researched the Loughton family as far as I can and am willing to copy anyone who is interested. Regards Dave Loughton

My Grandmother was Elizabeth Wakefield Marshall, Alfred J Loughton's sister. My mother being Mary Elizabeth Baddeley Nee Marshall… I have a lovely sepia picture of Alfred Loughton working on one his violins if anyone would like a copy I will be pleased to send one.
Also I have a few original play bills framed on my wall. I also have a large collection of photgraphs of the interior of Southwell Minister. A couple of years ago I met a resident from Southwell and passed on quite a large collection of photos and plans of Southwell Minster which hopefully found their way back to the Minster as I am resident in the Channel Islands. As you are probably related to me hence your knowledge of Uncle Alfred I would love to contact you. I would very much like to try and find my mothers father, maybe you can help?
Margaret Main, Channel Islands.

My grandfather Alfred Loughton was an imegrant from Egland but dont rember where. I do have it at home in the book he wrote of his life for our family. Interesting site, thank you!
James Kevin Loughton, Merced, California, USA.

A real treasure trove for someone like me who was Southwell born and bred! Was particularly interested in the origin of The Ropewalk. Great site.
Heather Brown, Newark, Notts, UK.

I enjoyed seeing the images and imagining where my 17c ancestors hailed even though I know the town well.
Alison Wright, Mansfield, Notts, UK.

Thank you for the wonderful information, as it gives me the personality behind the camera. He had a very good eye. My postcards have a bit more to them now.
C. Bien, USA.

I would like to know if you or anyone knows about the name "Wakefield" for over a hundred and fifty years every Marshall in my family has had the middle name of Wakefield. I found it strange to see a Wakefield Marshall on this site. Feel free to email me about the name if you know anything about it.
Shaun Marshall, Hamilton, Canada.

Very interesting site.
Vera Robinson, Nottingham, England.

Great site, I lived in the Southwell area until 1992 and the pictures brought back many fond memories. Keep up the good work.
Kevin McDonald, Carlow, co Carlow, Ireland.

Lovely pictures. My wifes G/parents and GG/grand parents graves are featured. Their names were Charles & Eliza Revill and Matthew & Mary Revill
Bernard Newman, Heaton Moor, Stockport, Cheshire, England.

My family are from Derbyshire. I wonder if there is any connection? Have no idea about my family tree though, except grandfather is called Kenneth Loughton and worked in areas around Ashover, Clay Cross etc.
Andrew Loughton, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

Fascinating! I hope I'm related to the Mr. Lassells who did the Hornpipe at the Southwell Theatre in 1812!!! Any relation to William Lassell of the Liverpool brewery and astronomical discoveries?
Michael Lassell, New York, New York, USA.

Fantastic site!
My mother was Mary Elizabeth Marshall and I vaguely remember meeting Uncle Alfred. There was a bottomless well in his back garden covered by a stone. I wonder if any one ever found it!.
Margaret Elizabeth Main, Alderney,.Channel Islands.

Any known connection with my LOUGHTONs whom I have documented back to the mid 1700s in southern Cambridgeshire, especially Dry Drayton? I was born near Wisbech, Cambs in 1931 and came to Canada in 1967. The gap of 3000 miles between me and the CRO in Cambridge makes it very difficult for me to do a lot of necessary record checking.
Arthur Loughton, Vittoria, Ontario, Canada

Dan Lee, Southwell, England

Very nice I liked looking at your site thanks.
Ian Heaps, Nottingham, England

Most interesting and enjoyable your website is like reading a good book that i cannot put down.
Patricia Nicholson, Nottingham, England

It's nice to see a touch of home, Thank You
Carol Wright, Emerald Beach, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

There should be more thoughtful, wellpresented web sites on bygones such as this one.As a Canadian researching the Woulds, Drayton and Bridges families pre 1855 nr.Sturton le Steeple,it has been VERY informative.
M.Jeffrey, RR#1 Haliburton, Ontario, Canada

Very good site.
Shirley Renouf nee Elston, Gillingham, Kent, UK

Enjoyed very much, Thanks.
Eric H Rose, Las Vegas, Nevada, U S A

I love local history and have enjoyed your tour of Southwell More please.
Ken Marsland, Giltbrook, Nottingham, England


The only known Loughtons in Australia that I am awhere of are my grandad's siblings and their kids.
Paul James Loughton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Alfred was my great great uncle. Congratulations on the site.
Phil Loughton, The Hague, Netherlands

I found this most interesting. Keep up the good work.
Derek Topliss, Surbiton, Surrey, UK

Good use of the medium. Usually such photographs are only available locally, but with so many people who have passed through Southwell at some time in their lives being scattered far and wide it is very gratifying to find access to such images being made possible. Thank you.
Stephen F. Mills, Walton on the Hill, Stafford, UK

A great site!
I am looking for a photo of Prospect House in Nottingham which is no longer there - any help greatfully received.
Jackie Glenn, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

I was born in Nottingham, and really enjoy reading your pages. They bring back very many memories, so please keep up the good work !!
Michael D Mangan, Flint Hill, Virginia, USA

I really enjoyed this home page, which evoked a lot of fond memories for me. Thank you. I was at SMGS from 1949-1954, believe a John Loughton was there about the same time. Presumably, he's a relative of the great man. What's he doing now
Michael A. Smith, McLean, Fairfax, USA

I lived for a year in Nottingham and I miss it very much and this web site gives ne a little piece of the place that I came to love. Keep up the good work!
Jim Booth, Tybee Island, Georgia 31328, USA

love the old photographs.
keith a smith, south lake tahoe, california, usa

I found all of the material most interesting. My grandfather (Joseph Marlow), although born out of wedlock in Derby in 1882, was moved to Nottingham shortly after his mother (Laura Marlow) died and brought up by 'foster parents'. I have his report card showing that he attended Bath Street School, Nottingham, from 1893 to 1895 inclusive and, as I am trying to determine in what area he might have lived in order to attend this school, I thought that I would review your site in case some article may prove to be of value to my search. He was living at 14 Edwin Street, Nottingham, at the time of his marriage in October 1904. His first-born, my father, was born in Nottingham on December 18, 1908 and was subsequently baptised Claude Marlow at Emmanuel Church, Nottingham, in the Diocese of Southwell on 26 May 1909. At this time my grandparents were living at 25 Eastville Street. Any information that you may have regarding the school or aforementioned areas would be of great help in my search.
I thank you in advance.
Kenneth Marlow, Stittsville (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada K2S 1E5

Good presentation
Peter Murphy, Mansfield, Notts, England

I have family in Nottingham an was very curius to brows you site? It was GREAT!
I am the family genealogist here in Canada and would be intersested in any "Heath & Shaw" family connections you might have for me.
Loved the site Thanks
Lance Shaw, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Superb Web page..told me some things i didn't know!
Bill and Elma Coldham, Solihull, West Midlands, England

Heyup meduck,
A great site,was born in nottingham and so were my children.
Jean Nutter (nee lang), Albany, WA, Australia

Terrific site.
Brought back many memories of when I lived in Nottingham.
Keep up the good work.
Lesley Donald, Merredin, Western Australia 6415, Australia

A great page, keep up the good work.
David Ementon, Nottingham, Notts, United Kingdom

A majestic web-site.
Fabian Edward John Lord, Altrincham, Cheshire / Greater Manchester, England

Greetings from NZ!
Nice site.
Paul Ranby, Palmerston North, New Zealand

I love to see pictures and history notes from Notts. especially Widmerpool and Kinoulton areas. Do you by chance, have pictures of Kinoulton church or even the name of the church itself?
A very interesting site!
D.Revington, Lucan, Ont., Canada

Looked at this web site as interested where relatives came from.
Anne Burrows, Avalon, NSW, Australia

I love this site! The pictures are so marvelous. I enjoyed looking at everything even though they were not related...
I seem to have had relatives in the Balderton area, at least they were on the 1881 census for Nottinghamshire. I hope I can someday find some marvelous old photos of my English ancestors.
Don't change a's great! :-)
Linda Whittaker Knott, Colchester, New London, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Amusing to read and keep in touch with. As a former Nottingham lad (Bulwell, Whitemoor & Mapperley) I'm fortunate enough to visit the world of my youth annually and appreciate any local reading - keep up the site.
John Blacknell, Fayetteville, Georgia, U.S.A.

As a Nottingham lad I sometimes have a quick look at the local evening paper when checking my Email. Found your site linked with the Nottingham Evening Post and eventually stayed on the net much longer than expected. Very nice - I will look in again. Regards Vic.
Victor E. Conduit, UK

A fascinating site - my grandmother's name was Dorothy Emily Loughton born in London in 1892 - hence my interest in the surname.
Bernice Cuthbert, England

Nice to see a little of 'ome and area. Went to Brackenhurst in early '70's and enjoyed pleasant memories of Southwell. When we come over we usually drive through town and see the minster.
Tony Badder, Canada

Your site has brought back happy memories. I was born at Southwell in 1925. I left Oxton in 1968 to come to Western Australia. I think Blairs newsagents shop was on the site of 4 Market Place. I know a lot of rebuilding took place. Regards.
Arnold Shepperson, Australia

Best family history web site that I have seen so far.
Paul Nix, England

Any relationship to the Loughtons who originated near Cambridge, Eng. (Waterbeach, Dry Drayton, Shingay) mid 1800s??
Authur Loughton, Canada

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